Monday Night War World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) announced today a slate of new programming coming to the WWE Network, including the 137th documentary chronicling the infamous Monday Night War.

The documentary, titled WWE vs. WCW: 20 Years Later and We’re Stall Talking About It, will feature “never-before-seen” footage, including extensive interviews with Judy Bagwell and The Blacktop Bully.

As in all previous 137th documentaries on the subject, the new film will include a bored-looking Scott Hall and Kevin Nash listlessly rehashing their departure from WWE and their shocking blah blah blah nWo.

The advent of WWE’s so-called “Attitude Era” will be described in painstaking detail, with Vince Russo explaining how he ratcheted up the sex and violence to something something something, bro.

Paul Heyman will discuss how both WCW and WWE stole talent and ideas from ECW, the edgy upstart promotion yada yada yada bingo hall.

Other new films slated to air on the WWE Network in 2017:

  • A hunting documentary in which Shawn Michaels superkicks wild animals
  • The Greatest Punjabi Prison Matches of All Time
  • Katie Vick: The Forgotten Diva
  • The Wettest Hair of WWE, Vol. 7
  • Total Divas: The Deepest Philosophical Debates from TV’s Smartest Show

Plans are also afoot for a feature-length documentary about the greatest pro wrestler who ever lived, WWE Hall of Famer and US President-elect Donald Jimmyjam Trump.