tensai wrestlemania
Sources within WWE neither confirm nor deny that Hornswoggle vs. Tensai has been booked for WrestleMania.

Professional wrestler Tensai is reportedly hoping to regain some of his flagging momentum with a WrestleMania victory over his only remaining viable opponent, Hornswoggle.

Despite an impressive debut and dominant streak last year, the pseudo-Japanese Tensai has fallen from prominence so drastically in recent months that the only potential competition for him is a pint-sized leprechaun who lives under the ring.

All WWE performers aspire to have a so-called “WrestleMania moment,” and Tensai is reportedly hoping to begin climbing back up the WWE hierarchy by dominating the Irish midget on April 7.

“Hornswoggle-san, watashi wa anata o hakai desu,” said Tensai in broken Japanese roughly translating to “Mr. Hornswoggle, I am you destory!”

Sources within WWE will neither confirm nor deny that the Tensai vs. Hornswoggle match has been booked. Many industry insiders, however, believe that Hornswoggle would easily defeat the Japanese giant.