zeb colter real name
An un-retouched photo showing Zeb Colter’s true identity.

Inflammatory WWE personality Zeb Colter has confirmed speculation that, prior to his acquaintance with Jack Swagger, he was known by the name Yosemite Sam.

Many WWE fans already knew that “Zeb Colter” was merely a pseudonym, but most of them mistakenly believed that he was previously known as Dutch Mantel.

Zeb Colter is in fact the nom de guerre of trigger-happy gold prospector Yosemite Sam, best known for his penchant for six-shooters and his extreme dislike of rabbits.

Although Colter has tried to reinvent himself as a radical American patriot, his scraggly beard, quick temper, short stature and backward values reveal his true identity as Yosimite Sam.

Prior to joining WWE, Colter was last seen just outside Albuquerque being outsmarted by a wisecracking rabbit.

Colter was reportedly invited to WWE by his friend Elmer Fudd, who is now known by the name Howard Finkel.