New pope fandango
The new Pope is emulating Fandango, refusing to debut until people say his name correctly.

Newly elected pope Jorge Mario Bergoglio has taken a page from the book of WWE rookie Fandango, refusing to address Catholics worldwide until they pronounce his name as “Berrrrrgoooooglioooo.”

After white smoke emerged from the Sistine Chapel, signifying the selection of a successor to the retired Pope Benedict, the world turned its eyes to Rome to see the new pontiff.

But the South American man of the cloth refused to perform his duties until people uttered his name in a breathy, drawn-out baritone.

According to many followers of the church, Bergoglio was a standout star in the Vatican’s developmental territory of Argentina, and shouldn’t have been saddled with the whole pope gimmick.

Many were surprised to see the new Pope accompanied by a female ballroom dancer.