upside down wrestling signsA new study published this week reveals that more than three-quarters of the shoddy, hand-scrawled poster-board signs held aloft at pro wrestling events are displayed upside-down.

“The majority of fans of professional wrestling seem incapable holding signs right-side-up,” reads the paper, published in the prestigious Harvard Review of Sports-Entertainmentology.

“Even when the fans can see themselves on the TitanTron, most cannot rectify their error.”

The authors of the study, Dr. Bob Ponovich and Prof. Christopher Nowinsky, believe the same cognitive defect that makes people enjoy professional wrestling in the first place also distorts their overall perception of reality, such as the difference between up and down.

The study also revealed that an average of 52 percent of signs contain at least one spelling error, while 34 percent contain no correctly spelled words whatsoever.

One-hundred percent of the time, when a group of fans collectively spell a word by each holding a sign bearing a single letter, they display dyslexic results like “G L O D B R E G” and “W H O   Y U O   D I O N ?”