kids wwe
Competitors train for 105 Live in WWE’s developmental Pre-Performance Center.

Building on the popularity of its Cruiserweight Division, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is set to unveil a new show called “105 Live,” featuring high-flying, low-weighing pre-adolescent action.

The WWE Kids Division will showcase children under the age of 12 weighing less than 105 pounds competing in a single-elimination tournament to determine which one will earn a pre-developmental contract and free candy for life.

Among the competitors to be featured on 105 Live:

  • Goldberg’s shirtless son Gage
  • Angry Miz Girl
  • Mark Henry’s son Hand
  • Izzy
  • Maxel Hardy
  • L’il Jimmy
  • Sister Abigail
  • Ethan Carter IV
  • Sin Cara

The WWE Kids division will air immediately after the Cruiserweight showcase 205 Live, and immediately prior to the new Toddlers’ Division, 15 Live.