sami zayn
Sami Zayn reacts to an unexpected, unnecessary, unwarranted chant from the crowd.

Upon his return after a two-week absence to recover from corrective laser eye surgery, professional wrestler Sami Zayn was greeted tonight by a rousing chant of “You’ve still got it!”

Zayn, who missed last week’s episode of Raw after the┬ároutine procedure to correct an astigmatism, was pleasantly surprised by the chant, since he assumed fans hadn’t even noticed his absence.

“You’ve still got it!” chanted the fans, who are apparently incapable of simply booing or cheering anymore, and need to make themselves heard via rhythmic, synchronized singsongs. “You’ve still got it!”

Later in the event, the fans repeatedly chanted “WHAT?!” during a Roman Reigns interview, as if collectively determined to confirm the stereotype that wrestling fans are monosyllabic numbskulls.

An NXT audience in Florida, meanwhile, fans chanted “We are awesome!” for two full hours.