Vince McMahon, once the most powerful person in pro wrestling as head of WWE, has fallen on hard times since being hit with accusations of impropriety and is now selling autographed photos of himself at pro wrestling conventions.

The former mogul is now selling glossy 8X10 photographs of himself for $20 (autographed for $40), and he is taking independent bookings as the evil Mr. McMann character (because “Mr. McMahon” is a copyright owned by WWE).

McMahon even performed as “Doink the Clown” on an independent wrestling event last weekend in Tallahassee, earning three hot dogs and two handshakes — his best payday since the scandal broke.

During the WrestleStars Convention this week, McMahon got into a verbal altercation with B. Brian Blair, vowing to “make him humble” via nonconsensual means, and had to be escorted out of the building by Tugboat and Missy Hyatt.

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