Professional wrestling organization AEW (American Extreme Wrestling) earned some of its highest viewership numbers in months by airing a grainy clip of a minor backstage kerfuffle among unprofessional coworkers, so the company has announced that it will stream a 24-hour live video of AEW personnel, no matter where they are.

“We don’t want our fans to miss any of the stupid crap that these clowns do backstage,” said a wild-eyed AEW promoter Tony Khan during the 4th hour of a manic late-night press conference livecast from his backyard pool. “Behold my dancing monkeys!”

Khan said the new streaming service, called AEW EYE BACKSTAGE, will allow fans to witness wrestlers discuss travel arrangements, fiddle with their phones, get dressed in their silly costumes, and occasionally get into an unprofessional skirmish, much as CM Punk and Jack Sparrow did last year.

During times when AEW is not hosting an event, the live webcam will either be mounted to a helmet atop Tony Khan’s head or onto a beach ball on a Chris Jericho cruise.

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