Triple-H forehead
Photos obtained by TMZ seem to indicate that the brow-unfurrowing procedure was a success.

Professional wrestler and corporate executive Hunter Hearst Helmsley has undergone a radical new form of cosmetic surgery to smooth his perpetually furrowed brow.

TMZ is reporting that Helmsley (also known as Triple-H) emerged yesterday from a Stamford-area plastic surgeon’s office with white gauze wrapped around his forehead, which is known for its craggy, rolling terrain.

For years, Triple-H has menacingly furrowed his brow to intimidate opponents and impress fans, particularly in the moment before he inexplicably spews a mouthful of water all over himself.

It is believed that nerve damage suffered in the ring caused his forehead muscles to permanently seize, essentially locking them into a rutted series of creases and folds.

Sources close to Helmsley confirm that the surgery was a success, and leaked before-and-after photos published by TMZ appear to show the wrestler with the smooth, taut forehead of a little girl.

The news lends credibility to longstanding suggestions that Triple-H may eventually have his lips surgically removed from Vince McMahon’s buttocks.