Scott Steiner math
Prof. Scott Steiner finally gets his due recognition for his contributions to Guassian limitation theory and muscle-flexing.

Professional wrestler and noted academic Scott Steiner earned yet another feather in his cap today when he was bestowed with an honorary doctorate in mathematics from the University of Oxford.

Prof. Steiner, best known for his bulging biceps and his landmark algorithm for calculating n-complete log-space differential equations, was lauded by peers as a “giant in the ring and at the blackboard.”

Though fans of professional wrestling get only rare glimpses of Prof. Steiner’s genius — such as his eloquent proof of victory over Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe — he is well-known in academic circles as “Big Poppa Polynomial” and “The Algebraic Freak.”

“Most people think I’m all brawn and no brains,” said Prof. Steiner during a commencement address at Oxford’s Sheldonian Theatre. “But those people have only an i2=?1  percent chance of being right.”

During his commencement speech, Prof. Steiner proposed a novel solution to the Erdos conjecture on arithmetic progressions, did 100 push-ups, and challenged Stephen Hawking to a fight.

He also revealed that his ever-growing collection of tattoos represent a complex mathematical riddle — and not, as widely believed, the very bad decisions of a man with no aesthetic sensibilities.