Smackdown results
Steve Ramsden watches Nikki Bella beat Natalya on Smackdown — exactly like he predicted days earlier.

Skeptics are baffled as to how to explain the apparent clairvoyance of 27-year-old wrestling fan Steve Ramsden, who can predict the results of WWE Smackdown with 100 percent accuracy up to two days before the program airs.

Ramsden, for example, correctly asserted this past Wednesday morning that Ryback would defeat Kevin Owens via count-out — a prophecy that shockingly came true the following night!

“This changes everything we thought we knew about human cognition,” said noted skeptic James Randi, who for decades has offered a $1 million prize to anyone who can prove the existence of psychic powers.  “I humbly grant the million-dollar prize to this true psychic.”

Ramsden insists his psychic predictions “just come out of the blue” during his usual mid-week surfing of pro wrestling news websites.

Some debunkers believe his predictions are pure luck, while others suggest he has mastered the conjuror’s parlor trick known as “cold reading.”

A small but vocal minority of skeptics, meanwhile, insist Smackdown is taped Tuesdays and the results are published online before it airs Thursdays. But that is clearly nonsense, since commentator Michael Cole always asserts that the show is “live.”