Michael Cole weight loss
At left, Michael Cole relaxes. At right, he sucks in his gut.

Professional wrestling commentator Michael Cole unveiled a new photograph of himself today that reveals he has achieved a staggering level of mastery at the ancient art of sucking-in one’s beer belly.

In an interview posted today on WWE.com, Cole explained how, after years of hard work, he has learned to inhale deeply, puff out his chest and contract his abdomen to create the illusion of impressive weight loss.

“It’s all about breathing and posture,” says Cole, “and the right lighting is also important to create the illusion of six-pack abs.”

The art of gut-suckery is familiar to men worldwide, as it is typically employed while shirtless at the beach in the presence of attractive females.

Cole admits he has not actually lost any weight recently — he has, in fact, gained 10 pounds in recent years due to excessive Mountain Dew consumption — but his gut-sucking-in abilities have improved drastically thanks to coaching from colleague Jerry Lawler.

The act of sucking in one’s gut quickly becomes exhausting, so Cole prefers to spend most of his time at ease, with his belly hanging over his beltline — a position he likes to call “Vintage Cole.”