WWE 2016 predictions
2016 is the worst year ever for WWE, according to some guy.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is experiencing¬†its “worst year in decades,” according to self-proclaimed “wrestling historian” Jaden McCreary.

McCreary, who moments ago rang in the new year by watching a solo marathon of New Japan Pro Wrestling matches from the 1980s, insists 2016 has been “abysmal” for WWE.

“I haven’t seen one decent WWE match all year,” tweeted McCreary, whose Twitter handle is @ROH_NJPW_LUCHA_69Styles.

He added: “Mark my words: WWE declares bankruptcy in 2016.”

McCreary is known among the so-called “Internet Wrestling Community” for his bold proclamations, such as his insistence that he predicted the Undertaker’s streak-ending loss at WrestleMania, and that Shane McMahon would be running WWE by 2013.

Although he religiously watches WWE Raw every week — and has done so for the past two decades — McCreary declares he will “give up WWE forever” if the company doesn’t immediately sign some Japanese wrestler he claims to like.