Legendary professional wrestler Shawn Michaels, whose once voluminous hair is steadily succumbing to male pattern baldness, recently sought advice from Paul Heyman on how to live with a bald mullet, or skullet.

According to one anonymous source, Michaels approached Heyman backstage at Raw last week — despite the duo being avowed enemies in the ring — and asked him “how to pull off the party-in-the-back, glimmer-on-top look.”

Heyman was reportedly generous with his counseling, and advised Michaels that “a tiny ponytail helps make the skullet look more distinguished and businesslike.”

In recent years, Michaels has only rarely appeared without a straw cowboy hat covering the increasingly receded and thinning appearance of his hairline.

Although he is no longer an active performer on the WWE roster, Michaels refuses to cut his hair, despite encouragement from his friend Edge. Instead, Michaels is doomed to continue losing his hair on top, while retaining the flowing locks at the back.

Michaels has also reportedly sought advice from Hulk Hogan, who achieved international superstardom despite sporting a skullet throughout his entire career.

Hogan recommended bandanas.

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