Derek McMillan, the video editor who spends eight hours a day digitally blurring the WWF logo in old wrestling footage, feels “grossly under-appreciated” for his talents.

“It’s not easy, the work I do,” McMillan said from the darkened confines of a video editing suite in WWE’s Stamford headquarters.

“I have to find every single WWF logo — on turnbuckle pads, ring aprons on fans’ signs — and blur them all out. It takes a keen eye and lots of talent.”

McMillan says he toils away in obscurity while millions of wrestling fans see his handiwork in archival footage and WWE Home Video Releases, yet nobody ever gives him a proverbial pat on the back.

“I know who the real superstars are in this company,” he said. “It’s the people like me, behind the scenes.”

Hired in 2002 after World Wrestling Entertainment lost a lawsuit filed by the World Wildlife Fund over ownership of the WWF acronym and logo, McMillan has climbed the ranks from “Junior Blurrer” to “Senior Vice-President of Logo Blurring,” though his actual day-to-day duties have not changed.

McMillan said he aspires to someday get a promotion to the more prestigious job of “Benoit Footage Deleter.”

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