shane mcmahon cellIn preparation for his Hell in a Cell grudge match against rival Kevin Owens, sports-entertainment heir Shane McMahon — who has a penchant for jumping/falling from high precipices — took the cautionary measure today of packing a parachute. 

“Safety first,” McMahon said as he meticulously folded the nylon chute into a backpack, which he will he will wear for the duration of his match against Owens. 

McMahon will also compete tonight wearing a wingsuit, which he can utilize to glide to any location in the arena, all of which is fair game in the “Falls Count Anywhere” match. 

Although he wrestles rarely, McMahon is known for spectacular plummets — from the Titantron, from the Hell in a Cell cage, even inside a crashing helicopter — but the abuse has taken a toll, warranting the parachute. 

Owens, meanwhile, insists he has outsmarted McMahon one again, as he will compete tonight wearing a giant inflatable Zorb soccer ball. 

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