Just days before a marquee match against Shane McMahon at the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view, professional wrestler Kevin Owens has revealed a stunning transformation from pudgy prizefighter to slender scrapper. 

The audience at a recent WWE Live Event in Des Moines gasped in unison today when Owens removed his trademark sleeveless black t-shirt to reveal a set of six-pack abs that would make Rick Rude envious. 

Although Owens’ muscular makeover seems to have happened overnight, backstage sources reveal Owens has spent months abiding by a strict lemon-juice-and-ICOPRO cleanse and a regimen of stomach crunches, and has been waiting for the perfect time to reveal his stunning beach body. 

Owens was reportedly self-conscious about his weight, and the victim of backstage bullying from taut-tummied Divas who poked him tauntingly in his buddha-belly. 

Owens is reportedly planning a full makeover, renaming himself Sexbaby Kevyn Exxxtreme and adopting an acrobatic, high-flying style that he hopes will put him in the main-event picture of 205 Live. 


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