Scott Steiner twitter
Scott Steiner proves that big muscles and big brains are mutually exclusive.

Professional wrestler Scott Steiner shocked his loyal Twitter followers last night when, by a sheer fluke of random chance, he spelled a word correctly.

The unexpected correct spelling came in the midst of a vitriolic rant aimed squarely at his former employer, TNA Wrestling, and its reigning figurehead Hulk Hogan.

“Evrytime hulkstr sez hes gunna revolushinize wresttling its totaly f*****D b-cuz hes a f****in idiott abuot tha bizniss,” Steiner wrote.

“Bitchoff?? Erick and Garret r stoojes fer Hulkstr brutherrr. Gimmea brake! Tna isnt wresling — its f****ing ensurance comercials and dumbas sh**!!! tna neeeds 2 listen 2 it’s fanz fer reel! im talkin truthe n u no it!”

The rambling, hate-filled screed was nothing new to fans who have grown accustomed to Steiner’s ravings, but the correct spelling of the word “listen” in the last sentence surprised everyone.

Contacted by Kayfabe News for comment, Steiner babbled incoherently for several minutes before abruptly hanging up.