paul bearer urn
Paul Bearer carries a crapload of M&Ms into the ring.

One of the most enduring mysteries in professional wrestling was solved this week when Paul Bearer revealed that his ubiquitous urn is actually just filled with M&M’s.

“Ohhhh, yessss,” Bearer told Kayfabe News over the phone from his mortuary in rural Mississippi.

“Hundreds of delicious, mouth-watering M&M’s!”

Long presumed to be filled with the cremated ashes of some departed loved one — perhaps the couple who died in a mysterious mortuary fire in the 1970s — the urn has held mystical power over The Undertaker, who would often genuflect in its presence.

It turns out, however, that The Undertaker just really, really enjoys M&M’s — especially the peanut ones.

The Undertaker is also reportedly a lover of Reese’s Pieces, which inspired his often-misinterpreted catch phrase “Rest in Pieces.”