Elimination chamber
WWE’s Elimination Chamber offers many practical benefits over the traditional jail format. Plus it’s awesome.

Chronic overcrowding in American prisons has led lawmakers to adopt a new type of incarceration system modeled after WWE’s Elimination Chamber.

Unlike traditional prisons, in which prisoners are kept in rows of adjacent rectangular cells, the Elimination Chamber model features a circular format surrounded by plexiglass pods for prisoner containment.

To help counteract overcrowding problems, pods are opened at regular intervals, allowing a new prisoner to enter the interior combat arena.

Prisoners are then encouraged to fight to the death. Whichever inmate is still standing after all pods have been emptied is thereby eligible for parole.

Apart from the space-saving benefits, the American Correctional Association also sees the new format as a potential revenue stream via pay-per-view broadcasts of the fights.

More conservative lawmakers have suggested that prisons would benefit from the less-expensive “lumberjack” imprisonment system.