ryback bully
Ryback threatened to beat up any children who don’t follow his “Be A Dick” campaign.

Thanks to his tireless efforts promoting bullying to today’s youth, professional wrestler Ryback has been named the spokesman of World Wrestling Entertainment’s new “Be a Dick” campaign.

“If you’re bigger and stronger than other kids, you can push them around,” Ryback told a gymnasium full of children at a Buffalo elementary school today.

“Everyone respects a bully.”

WWE has abandoned its “Be A Star” anti-bullying campaign since pro wrestling demonstrates that violence is the only way to settle personal differences.

Ryback, who has repeatedly shown that bullying asserts dominance and proves superiority, said he was “honored to be the face of this important public service campaign.”

The wrestler urged the schoolchildren to always use threats and intimidation to achieve their goals, and promised to beat up “any little wussy boy who says different.”