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Most wrestling journalists also sleep in dirtsheets.

The bed of professional wrestling journalist Scott Jenkins, who contributes articles of dubious accuracy to several wrestling news sites, also fits the description of “dirtsheets.”

Twenty-eight-year-old Jenkins, a regular but unpaid contributor to Bleacher Report and other wrestling sites commonly known as “dirtsheets,” has not washed the sheets on his bed “since before WrestleMania 28,” as best as he can recall.

His parents, who live upstairs in a perpetual state of parental disappointment, gave up trying to get Jenkins to do laundry, ever since he started responding with the phrase “suck it.”

Jenkins goes by the screen name Scotty Smarksville on a number of “dirtsheet” sites, where he has published several-dozen poorly conceived and inadequately researched articles about professional wrestling gossip.

Without a hint of irony, he recently described the Wyatt Family as “unwashed” and Vickie Guerrero as “gross.”

He insists he’ll tidy his room as soon as he gets an attractive girlfriend who likes wrestling, which means it may never happen.