wwe battleground stream
Wrestling fans worldwide are looking forward to watching Battleground on SPV.

Fans of professional wrestling worldwide are buzzing with anticipation about Battleground, this weekend’s World Wrestling Entertainment event on Stream-Per-View.

“I can’t wait to illegally stream Battleground,” tweeted one fan, who goes by the handle @WrestlePirateFTW.

“It’s totally going to be worth not paying a dime for.”

Battleground is generally regarded as a lower-tier “filler” event in the WWE calendar, certainly not worth paying $50 for on pay-per-view, but probably worthy of an illegal stream.

Many fans have indicated that they will digitally record the free stream of Battleground, then immediately post it to torrenting sites from which other fans can immediately download it.

Although WWE continues to refer to its monthly events at pay-per-views (or PPVs), the majority of wrestling fans have adopted the more suitable term “SPVs.”