Proving that they are among the world’s most dedicated professional sports-entertainers, WWE Superstars® Becky Lynch® and Seth Rollins® are maintaining the illusion that they are actually romantic partners in real life.

By pretending to be truly in love, Rollins and Lynch are practicing the lost art kayfabe — a once-sacred, though now largely defunct, tradition of upholding the storylines and characters of wrestling even when away from the ring.

lynch rollins engaged
Seth Rollins (left, hairy) is now “engaged” in storyline to Becky Lynch (right, and still single in real life, fellas!).

Rollins and Lynch — who, according to sources within the company, actually strongly dislike one another — even went so far as to stage a mock “engagement,” complete with an engagement ring and romantic photos from a beach.

The romance storyline is, of course, all part of a long buildup toward an epic showdown in WWE’s inaugural Intergender Championship at WrestleMania next Spring.

Fans and pundits are well aware, however, that in real life Lynch is dating Viktor of The Ascension, and Rollins swore an oath of lifelong celibacy during his two-year retreat at a monastery in Tibet.

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