The influence of professional wrestling can be seen throughout the world of sports, from the grandiose theatrics of speed-walking to professional soccer, in which players routinely slap their thighs at the moment of kicking the ball, thus creating an impressive sound.

Soccer (or “football,” as it is called in what WWE Hall of Famer Donald Trump considers “sh**hole” countries) is a form of entertainment in which two “teams” are pitted against one another in a “game,” the outcome of which is pre-determined.

soccer wrestling
A soccer “worker” performs a crowd-pleasing kick that most fans don’t realize is aided by a surreptitious hand-slap.

Many aspects of soccer have been borrowed from professional wrestling, such as AJ Styles’ “Pele Kick,” and the highly overblown pantomiming players use to “sell” imaginary injuries.

Whereas professional wrestling features thrilling battles between highly trained athletes in dazzling spectacles of hand-to-hand combat, soccer is, on the other hand, boring.

Slapping one’s thigh for dramatic effect is common in other sports as well:

  • The “crack” of a baseball bat is actually created by the catcher slapping the umpire’s calf
  • The “swish” of a basketball is created by players rubbing their thighs together
  • The “pop” of a volleyball spike is caused by the quick clenching of players’ taut, supple buttocks

Professional wrestling is still, of course, the best of all sports, because it includes chairshots (the “thwack” of which is created by the ringside timekeeper secretly slapping two baking sheets together).

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