The NXT brand has grown from a laughable amateur hour to a showcase for some of the best sports-entertaining in the world, but remarkably few fans know what the “NXT” acronym actually stands for.

Acronyms have always been an important part of the sport, from “WWF” (World Wrestling Foundation) to WCW (Wildly Compensated Wrestlers) to TNA (Tits ‘n Ass) to AEW (Adorably Eager Workers).

These are the “newbies” referred to in the full name of NXT.

But the meaning behind the letters “NXT” has remained a closely guarded secret in the industry, until now. Kayfabe News has obtained documents (leaked by an anonymous source who asked to be identified only as Velveteen D.) that finally reveal the secret.

NXT stands for “Newbies eXamined by Trips,” an allusion to the fact that all NXT rookies strive to impress the brand’s spiritual leader, Triple H, who is known by the nickname Trips.

Another little-known fact, “NXT” is not supposed to be pronounced “en ex tee,” as most people do. The correct pronunciation is “ingst.”

And now you know.


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