Ric Flair crying
Ric Flair as he is usually seen, with tears streaming down his cheeks.

The world of professional wrestling came to a standstill this morning when, for nearly 20 minutes, legendary performer Ric Flair unexpectedly stopped crying.

Flair, who has been blubbering non-stop ever since Shawn Michaels superkicked him into retirement in 2008, wiped his eyes with a Kleenex at 9:47am this morning and apparently finished his perpetual sob.

The waterworks resumed in full force, however, when an interviewer asked him whether he is proud of his daughter, successful WWE Diva Charlotte.

Flair’s persistent weeping has become a hallmark of his public appearances — whether at the WWE Hall of Fame, ringside with Charlotte, or when styling and/or profiling.

Although some fans have expressed concern about Flair’s mental wellbeing, sources close to Flair explain that his tears smell strongly of vodka, which might explain his emotional state.