Del Rio US Champion
Before he could even defend his newly won US Championship once, Alberto Del Rio has been deported.

Less than 24 hours after his triumphant return to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), Mexican superstar Alberto Del Rio has been deported.

Officers from the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency raided Del Rio’s home home last night and dragged the new United States Champion into a van, which transported him to Tijuana.

Del Rio’s newly acquired championship belt was confiscated and will be given to Cesaro, because customs officials think he deserves it.

The reasons behind Del Rio’s sudden deportation are unclear, but backstage sources suggest that a certain WWE Hall of Famer who is running for the US Presidency may have put pressure on WWE Chairman Vince McMahon to oust any immigrants on the roster.

Speculation also abounds that Zeb Colter — who seemed to have abandoned his xenophobic, anti-immigration stance — betrayed Del Rio as part of an elaborate ruse.

John Cena, who was expected to take two months off following his loss to Del Rio, has been ordered to return to work effective immediately.