William (or W., or Dubya) Morrissey, an imposing newcomer on the AEW scene, revealed in a candid interview with Kayfabe News today how he learned to stand seven foot tall. 

“I actually learned from a former WWE guy called Big Cass,” recalled Morrissey. “People actually say I actually look like a younger, healthier version of him! It’s quite a compliment, since he and I are the same age. 

Although it has been claimed — almost entirely by Enzo Amore — that standing seven foot tall is a trait that cannot be acquired through training or apprenticeship, Morrissey says otherwise. 

“Big Cass was taught how to be really tall by Big Show,” said Morrissey. “And Big Show learned from his dad, Andre the Giant, who taught a bunch of guys how to be seven foot tall. It’s actually not that hard to learn.”

Learning to stand seven foot tall, he says, just require patient instruction from a knowledgable teacher. “It’s just like learning how to be a bona fide stud or a certified G,” he added. 

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