cm punk aew
CM Punk hangs his head in embarrassment as the AEW crowd chants “We want Nick Gage” during his big return.

Former WWE sports-entertainer CM Punk stayed away from wrestling for much of the past decade, and it seems that most fans forgot about him entirely during his hiatus, judging by the tepid applause he received during an appearance on AEW. 

Punk was visibly moved to tears by the lackluster reception, but shambled to the ring anyway to make a perfunctory “it’s great to be back” speech to an indifferent audience. 

Punk, a former two-time IWA Mid-South Light Heavyweight Champion, achieved middling success in WWE, but amicably parted ways with the company to pursue his first passion, equestrian dressage. 

His return at AEW Rampage Jackson was meant to be a heartwarming moment of nostalgia with a beloved old-timer, but fans clapped only out of pity for Punk, who was severely overweight, incoherent and drunk. 

AEW brass are reportedly embarrassed by the fiasco, and all mentions of CM Punk have been erased from the company’s website. 

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