This AEW rookie actually has a fair bit of background in the “indies” (ROH, WWE)

Fans of professional wrestling are abuzz with excitement this week after the recent appearance of CM Punk at the AEW Rampage event — but very little is publicly known about this brash, tattooed upstart. 

Here’s a quick guide to some fascinating facts about AEW’s latest rookie sensation.

What is CM Punk’s real name? 

Rumours abound about what the “CM” stands for — Chick Magnet, Cedric Montgomery, Cornelius McNugget — but it actually has nothing to do with his real name! “CM” is a little tribute to Punk’s hero, Conor McGregor. And he chose “Punk” to sound like a tough guy, even though his musical tastes veer more toward the pan flute of Zamfir. 

He was born Philip Brookside, which he later shorted to “Phil Brooks” in order to step out from the shadow of his famous father, British wrestling star Robbie Brookside.


Does CM Punk officially work for AEW now? 

Yes, he signed a 15-year contract with the company that requires him to work 150-plus matches per year. The plan is for him to headline AEW’s upcoming house show tours in Latvia and Madagascar. 


What is CM Punk’s wrestling style? 

Deathmatch, lucha libre, Apter-mag apartment wrestling


What is CM Punk’s phone number? 



What is CM Punk’s address?

2344 N Damen Ave, Chicago, IL 60647, USA. 


Does CM Punk enjoy getting surprise calls and visits from adoring fans? 

Of course! Who wouldn’t?


No further questions. 



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