Redesigned kayfabe news
The new design of Kayfabe News will give readers better access to completely true wrestling news.

Kayfabe News relaunched today with an eye-catching and innovative new design, and will henceforth only publish articles about professional wrestling that are guaranteed to be 100 percent factually accurate.

The new responsive design is optimized to display perfectly on any device — desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone — which will allow readers everywhere to stay up-to-date with the latest, truest news about wrestling.

For instance, an iPhone user can now easily read how astronomers are searching for intelligent life in the WWE Universe, or how TNA is planning to host events in individual fans’ homes, or how Joey Styles disrupted a recent church service.

In the past, Kayfabe News has received some criticism about some alleged factual mistakes in articles, such as an incorrect report that the Money in the Bank briefcase was to be replaced with a more convenient USB stick, or the false bulletin that WrestleMania had been cancelled amid allegations of rigged matches.

“A small number of factual errors have, on rare occasions, been accidentally published by Kayfabe News in the past, and we regret these mistakes,” said C.F. Hunter, Kayfabe News Editor-in-Chief.

“We guarantee that Kayfabe News will henceforth be held to the highest journalistic standards, and no further incorrect information will be published.”

Completely true articles soon to be published on the redesigned Kayfabe News include:

  • Isaac Yankem receives prestigious dentistry award
  • Lil Jimmy now prefers to be called Small James
  • Cena grants different kind of wish to attractive female fan

The redesign was possible thanks to the fruitful partnership between Kayfabe News and Rebellion Media.