Joey Styles
Former wrestling commentator Joey Styles showed his religious devotion with a little too much passion Sunday.

An otherwise serene church service was disrupted Sunday morning when WWE executive Joey Styles began a prayer too boisterously.

“OH MY GOD!!!” hollered Styles shortly after the pastor at his church invited congregants to kneel in silent prayer.

Shocked parishoners reportedly glared at Styles, who followed his exclamation with a whispered prayer: “Thank you for all of life’s blessings and please forgive my sins, in Jesus’ name, amen.”

It wasn’t the first such outburst from Styles, who has attended — and been asked to leave — several other churches around Stamford, CT in recent years.

“I appreciate Joey’s enthusiasm,” said Pastor Gabriel Henderson of St. Joseph’s Presbyterian Church, “but I hope he can tone it down a bit.”

Contacted for comment, the former ECW commentator and current Vice President of Digital Media Content for WWE confessed he “just can’t help” but scream his praise for God.

“The funny thing,” Styles added, “is that most wrestling fans don’t realize I was thanking my Lord and Savior for every balcony dive and sickening chair shot in ECW. Praise God.”