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How on earth did wrestler Sami Zayn — a 12-year veteran who has competed worldwide — survive 10 minutes with a lumbering rookie?

In what is being billed as a triumph of the human spirit, professional wrestler Sami Zayn — a 12-year veteran of battles across the US and Japan, including many victories against reigning WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens — somehow survived a 10-minute encounter with rookie Braun Strowman last night.

Zayn, whose stellar independent career includes tenures in Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, Ring of Honor and Dragon Gate, managed to endure 10 minutes with Strowman, who made his professional debut a couple of years ago at the WWE Performance Center.

Raw General Manager Mick Foley threatened to “throw in the towel” to save Zayn, even though the assault¬†Zayn was receiving at Roadblock was nothing compared to, say, being piledriven on a ladder between two other ladders.

“I told you I’d be fine,” Zayn said after the match with Strowman. “You do realize I’ve been in, like, 50 steel cage matches, right? Not sure why nobody¬†thought I could handle Brad Strongman, or whatever his name is.”

Tonight, Strowman will face a new opponent in a similar challenge; can The Undertaker last five minutes?



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