Professional sports-entertainers from both the Raw and SmackDown brands of sports-entertaining will sports-entertain fans on a unique new pay-per-view dubbed Permitted Door.

Long considered completely separate domains, Raw and SmackDown superstars will collide in a cross-brand event that World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is calling “Once is a lifetime, just like The Rock vs. John Cena.”

Contrary to competitor AEW (American Extreme Wrestling), which is soon hosting a “Forbidden Door” event to bridge AEW and NJPW (Nifty Japanese Puroresu World), WWE’s “Permitted Door” will feature many matchups fans have seen before.

The main event, for example, will feature Bobby Lashley vs. Braun Strowman — a match WWE fans have been begging for ever since their long series of matches in 2021. 

A spokesperson for WWE told reporters today that “Forbidden Door will be totally precedented.”


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