World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) once was known for its “attitude” and “ruthless aggression,” but the company has caved to the pressures of the woke mob in recent years by hosting matches between lady wrestlers.

While some social justice warriors actually praise the inclusion of lady wrestlers in WWE, a silent majority are growing increasingly concerned about the slippery slope of this woke agenda.

women in wwe
Rockin’ Robin Rousey and Shayna Blayze celebrate with their adorable lady-wrestling belts.

“If we allow lady wrestling today, what’s next?” writes pundit Dan Mutzler. “Children wrestling? Chimpanzee wrestling?”

For decades, the professional wrestling ring was a place where sturdily built men engaged in sporting hand-to-hand combat in a test of physical prowess, as God intended. Women have historically been eye-candy for ringside fans, and property for the men to fight over, which made sense.

But the wokesters have infiltrated even professional wrestling, and lady wrestlers now even have their own championship belts. Sometimes they perform in main events, if you can believe it, and some are even making a living wage.

We live in strange times, fellas.


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