charlotte moonsault
Charlotte Flair jumps backwards and hopes for the best.

Professional sports-entertainer Charlotte Flair amazed and puzzled audiences again this week when she climbed to the top turnbuckle, and without even as much as a quick glance toward her destination, did a backflip toward the arena floor. 

Fortunately Charlotte, her fall was slightly cushioned by the extended left arm of opponent Becky Lynch, who darted — also rather inexplicably — Charlotte’s path during her descent. 

Charlotte is only the latest in a long line of pro wrestlers who have have opted to backflip — or “moonsault” — from high precipices without a precautionary glance at their target. 

Somewhat ironically, diving on opponents from the top rope was a move that was never successfully performed by Charlotte’s grandfather, Ric Flair, despite his more-cautious forward-facing approach. 



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