Conspiracy theories are swirling this week amid revelations that one courageous — or foolhardy? — fan of professional wrestling has dared to defy traditional allegiances by attending live events staged by both WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) and its arch-rival, AEW (American extrEme Wrestling). 

The fan, who has not been identified for his own safety, seems to be a 30-something bearded male who, for reasons not yet understood, seems to enjoy all professional wrestling, regardless of promotion or production-quality.

Pundits for pro-AEW media outlets are calling the fan “an infiltrator of the competition,” while an anonymous WWE spokesperson said the fan with dual-allegiances was “fake news, quite frankly.”

According to some sources, the same “fan” has been spotted a live events by Impact Wrestling, Ring of Honor, and numerous independent wrestling promotions throughout southern Ontario. 

“This weird fan cheers for the good guys, boos the bad guys, and seems to enjoy the show no matter what,” said one member of the AEW ring crew. “It’s creeping us all out.”

A WWE referee, who asked to be identified only as “L’il N.,” echoed the sentiment: “This so-called fan sits there watching the matches, seemingly enjoying them, and we know he’s going to other promotions’ shows and apparently enjoying them too. So weird. Security keeps a close eye on that freak.” 


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