lawler puppies
Jerry Lawler recently adopted two puppies of his own, which he named Hooter and Funbag.

Legendary sports-entertainer and commentator Jerry “The King” Lawler spotted a pair of young dogs while walking in downtown Memphis today, causing him to reflexively holler “breasts!”

As fans of WWE-called Attitude Era may recall, Lawler suffers from a rare neurological disorder that causes him to inadvertently confuse the names of things he likes, such as young canines and human female mammaries. 

Most fans just laughed off Lawler’s occasional confusion of puppies and breasts, unaware that Lawler personally felt deep shame and embarrassment over his frequent flubbing of the terminology.

In one memorable instance, Lawler said he would “love to get my hands on Sable’s puppies,” and later that week he showed up at the Rancho de Lesnar to spend hours cuddling with the newborn pup’s of Sable’s award winning toy poodle, Paulina, which Lesnar lovingly calls his Suplex City Bitch. 

The disorder has caused Lawler significant stress and worry over the years: “Sometimes I wonder if I’m actually a real king.”


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