Ted Dibiase begging
The once-wealthy Ted DiBiase has gone from filthy rich to just filthy.

Former “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase has fallen on hard times and is reportedly making ends meet by begging pedestrians walking past his cardboard shanty to cram dollar bills down his throat.

DiBiase, who was once the richest man in professional wrestling until he invested unwisely in World Championship Wrestling in 2001, believes he is receiving karmic retribution for all the times he humiliated opponents by force-feeding them money.

Now making his autumn residence at 7th and Main in downtown Baltimore, the former millionaire exemplifies a riches-to-rags cautionary tale about the dangers of greed.

“Excuse me, sir, but everybody’s got a price, and mine is one dollar,” he asked a recent passerby. “Might you push one into my mouth with your finger?”

The passerby, a muscular African-American man who identified himself only as Virgil, scuttled off to sit awkwardly alone at a table in a convention center.