WWE 2K15 nxt
NXT 2K15 features high-flying action, unlike its counterpart WWE 2K15, which features long load times and backstage cinematics.

The makers of NXT 2K15 insist that the soon-to-be-released video game will feature all the fast-paced action that wrestling fans want, without all the lag, endless cinematics and long load times that plague other wrestling titles.

The game, which features the up-and-coming rookie talent of World Wrestling Entertainment’s “developmental” league, NXT, is reportedly much more fun and engaging than the games of the bloated WWE 2K franchise.

Early reviewers who have played a Beta version of NXT 2K15 report that it features many of the same gameplay mechanics as the forthcoming WWE 2K15 game, but is faster and more responsive to player input, without interminable cinematic cut-away scenes of dull promos and backstage squabbles.

Wrote one game¬†critic: “In NXT 2K15, you get a fun, fast-paced experience that feels genuine and fresh, whereas WWE 2K15 is just re-hashing old tropes due to lazy writing.”

True to the wrestling organizations they simulate, NXT 2K15 promises to “keep fans coming back wanting more,” whereas players of WWE 2K15 are inclined to turn it off after the first hour or so.

Another new game, ROH 2K15, is reportedly even more action-packed, but is very difficult to find in stores, and the gameplay experience is hindered by terrible lighting effects.