big show flags
The Big Show made a simple mistake, according to WWE executives, and intended no disrespect to Russia.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) issued a statement today to the people of Russia, assuring them that the Big Show did not disrespectfully yank down a Russian flag on live television this week, but rather an improperly hung flag of France.

“The Russian flag was not disrespected or defiled in any way on WWE programming,” reads the statement. “A member of the WWE road crew accidentally hung a French flag 90 degrees off-kilter. We apologize for any confusion. No war, please.”

Since releasing the statement, WWE has retracted an apology to Russian people posted on the company’s website regarding the flag incident.

WWE executives insist it was an “easy mistake,” since the flags of France and Russia are nearly identical in their red-blue-white patterning, with the only discernible difference that Russia’s stripes span horizontally, while France’s are vertical.

And, to be fair, the Big Show did star in Knucklehead.

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon insists he would never insult the Russian people, because “Putin is a good pal.”