Twelve contestants from around the world are vying for the top job in sports entertainment — the successor to Vince McMahon as head of WWE — in an exciting new reality TV show called “Gruff Enough.”

On each episode, contestants will be put through a gruelling series of tests to determine whether they are worthy to replace McMahon at WWE’s helm, including:

  • The 500-year strut
  • Most guttural utterance of “Aretha Franklin”
  • Most repulsive sexting
  • Proper, frequent usage of “Quite frankly” and “And things of that nature.”

Among the contestants battling to become the next Vince McMahon are Randy Quaid, Snooki, Donald Trump Jr., Dennis Rodman, John Zandig and Dixie Carter.

While contestants are encouraged to show “ruthless aggression,” they’re asked to refrain from emulating anything they’ve heard about McMahon in the past couple of weeks.


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