Kane katie vick
Kane (right) has moved past the murderous, necrophiliac hardships of his past.

The corporate world is taking notice after Kane, a former demonic dentist accused of sexually defiling the corpse of his ex-girlfriend, has made an unlikely ascent up the ranks of a large, publicly traded company.

Kane’s climb to upper management of World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. (WWE) — a billion-dollar entertainment corporation based in Stamford, CT — is considered an inspirational success story for homicidal corpse-loving dentists everywhere.

Kane was recently promoted to Director of Operations for WWE, putting him roughly third-in-command behind Chief Operating Officer Triple-H and wife Stephanie McMahon, who is one of the principal owners of WWE.

The former “Big Red Monster” has surprised many observers of the wrestling industry with his corporate climb, given his proven and alleged history of setting people on fire, sexually defiling the body of ex-girlfriend Katie Vick, his abduction and presumed rape of Lita, and practicing sub-par dentistry.

Kane attributes his success in the business world to wearing a formal suit, and not recently trying to burn anyone alive.

It is unclear why Kane would be promoted to such a position of authority by Triple-H, given that Triple-H is the one who first made allegations of Kane’s sexual deviance with Katie Vick.

Given Kane’s success, however, many are suggesting that there may yet be hope for embattled Toronto mayor Rob Ford.