randy orton voices
The head of Randy Orton, usually filled with voices, went uncharacteristically silent Monday.

The ubiquitous voices in Randy Orton’s head — which usually counsel and understand the wrestler — reportedly forgot their lines during a recent broadcast of World Wrestling Entertainment’s flagship program, Raw.

Orton was visibly distraught when the voices in his head ceased speaking, causing the wrestler to stare vacantly into the middle-distance for several moments.

The voices in Orton’s head are typically quite talkative — although they reportedly speak in a slow monotone, inspiring Orton to do the same — but they uncharacteristically forgot what they were supposed to say on Monday.

During the awkward stretch of silence in the ring, Orton merely clenched his jaw in order to make the muscles in his cheek ripple, as is his custom.

Thankfully, Orton’s other senses weren’t impeded, as he later told friends that he could see heroes dying, taste the blood that’s drying, and feel the tension rising.