Natalya farting
According to sources within WWE, Natalya will soon reluctantly debut a new "sharting" gimmick, much to the horror of her opponents.

Sources close to Natalya Neidhart say the Diva is secretly dreading the next gimmick WWE’s creative team has dreamed up for her: accidental sharting.

“Things are going from bad to worse,” Natalya said cryptically on her Twitter account, @NatbyNature.

Despite being one of the most technically proficient female competitors in professional wrestling, Natalya has been inexplicably saddled with a moronic flatulence gimmick in recent weeks.

Although the farting gimmick is widely regarded as juvenile and classless by anyone who has graduated from the third grade, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon reportedly thinks it’s hilarious.

In the coming weeks, the gag is expected to escalate from farting to sharting, and sources within WWE say McMahon is practically giddy with anticipation.

“Vince can’t wait to see Natalya shart,” an anonymous source told Kayfabe News. “He hasn’t been this proud of himself since he came up with the puking gimmick for Darren Drozdov.”