Gobbledy gooker WWE
A Gobbledy Gooker egg, similar to the one that appeared in WWF 22 years ago (above), recently became a delicious omelette for the entire WWE roster.

The sudden appearance of a new Gobbledy Gooker egg sparked deep concern in the WWE locker room until a quick-thinking caterer scrambled it with some fried onions, spinach and cheese.

“It was delicious,” said longtime WWE interviewer Mean Gene Okerlund, who was terrified that he might have to perform another ridiculous in-ring dance with the man-sized Turkey-like creature.“Thank god for that caterer.”

The first hatching of a Gobbledy Gooker — a much-hyped fiasco at Survivor Series in 1990 — is widely considered to be one of the most perplexing and embarrassing moments in wrestling history.

The recent appearance of a new egg at Madison Square Garden could have been equally disastrous were it not for the quick-thinking caterer, Tim Greene.

This wasn’t the first time Greene’s culinary ingenuity saved the day. He is well regarded in the WWE locker room for the time he made scrumptious Mantaur Burgers.