Jericho Punk
Reeling from accusations that his father is an alcoholic, CM Punk (left) replied that Chris Jericho's father is addicted to Jerichohol.

After Chris Jericho’s shocking revelation Monday that CM Punk’s father is an alcoholic, Punk retaliated with the accusation that Jericho’s father is a Jerichoholic.

“Chris, I know for a fact that your father, Ted Irvine, is a raging Jerichoholic,” Punk said. “Being addicted to Jerichohol is a far more pathetic vice than being addicted to alcohol.”

Known for his “straight-edge” lifestyle, Punk abstains from all drugs and alcohol — and “especially Jerichohol,” he said.

“Sure, my father has struggled with a drinking problem,” Punk added. “But at least he has never been a Jerichoholic. That would be a true disgrace to the Punk family.”

Ted Irvine is reportedly ashamed of his son’s verbal attacks, and has recently re-entered Jerichoholics Anonymous.