TNA ethan
Ethan will debut, and depart, TNA tonight.

Ethan, the ubiquitous newcomer to Total Non-Stop Action whose debut has been hyped for weeks, is scheduled to make his debut — and be released from his contract — on tonight’s episode of Impact Wrestling.

Ethan’s debut has been teased in a series of vignettes, in which he is shown from behind walking with an arrogant swagger, brazenly belittling those around him.

It is expected he will cockily antagonize fellow wrestlers and fans alike when he makes his in-ring debut, and will promptly be released by the faltering promotion as a cost-cutting measure.

TNA President Dixie Carter has teased on Twitter that there will be a “huge debut,” followed by an “immediate release,” on tonight’s program.

According to backstage rumors, TNA will also release the majority of its roster tonight, except for Garrett Bischoff and the guy who does pyro, since he’s a unionized worker.